Open Kitchen  /  Indoor Saloon  /  Alfresco dining

Shared Bathroom  /  Spacious Dive Deck

Outdoor shower  /  Games & Books  /  TV

Charging Station  /  Voltage 220W from 7am – 10pm

International Plug Adapters  /  24h Lighting

Flush Toilets  /  Personal Fans in Rooms


Spacious Sun deck  /  Captains Bridge  /

2x Crew Cabins  /  Safety Box

Lower Deck

5 x Guest Cabins  /  2 x Private Bathroom

1 x Shared Bathroom  /  Engine Room


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2 x Diving Tenders

VHS Radio & GPS

Life Vest & Rings

O2  & First AID Kit

SMB in each BCD

Engineer on board

Life Raft

Style: Motor

LOA: 29 M



Crew: 8- 10

Max Guests: 11

We include 3 x personalized towels per person, shampoo and shower gel for you to use on board free of charge – no need to pack these in your luggage!

We are lucky to have an incredible chef on board who is able to adjust any meals to our customer’s dietary allergies and intolerances (we just need to know this in advance.)

We want to make the experience as stress-free as possible and as such we are one of the only operators to INCLUDE full rental equipment in our price.


The only piece of dive equipment that is not provided is dive computer rental which costs an additional 75,000 IDR PER DAY, though it is not mandatory to use a computer as your dive leader will have one.

If you have your own set of FULL equipment, we offer a US$ 10 per day discount to you.

We love diving and we know how much Komodo can be exciting for divers but at same time extremely tiring. Due to this, our trips are focused on leisure and we prefer to do not more than 3 (sometimes 4) dives per day (depending on the itinerary). Our aim is to provide the best 360 Degree Experience in Komodo National Park.

Dragon Visit

BBQ or beach drinks

Land Exploration


Snorkeling activities

There are 2 seasons in Komodo. We are fortunate enough to have such a vast diving area within the National Park, that we are able to ‘switch’ diving locations year round.

Komodo National Park seems to have its own eco-system; this is due to the mountainous landscape of Flores which collects most of the rainfall. Often, when in contact with the boat, it may be pouring rain on land in Labuan Bajo, yet perfect cloudless skies in the National Park. Yes, it’s strange, but it’s true. The good news is, there is no ‘bad’ time to visit and dive in Komodo.

This is normal tropical rain intended to break the heat, it may pour down for 1-3 hours then brighten into the most sun-filled day.

Do not worry too much about the weather, as we will be enjoying the incredible and untouched beauty of the South, in near solitude! Fewer divers = more mantas and different dive sites!!

April – late November: Central and North Komodo

April to November: This is our “dry” season (temperature during the day 29°- 31°C, during the night about 24°C), with a light east wind and wonderful conditions.

December – March: South and Central Komodo

December through March: Our “wet” season has intermittent rainfall, (temperatures during the day range from 29°- 35°C, during the night about 28°C).

During the South season months, day trip boats do not usually travel to this area due to the distance needed to access it – this is quite the bonus as it usually means sites clear of other divers J



One policy we have on our liveaboard is that all divers joining a cruise must have a minimum of Adventure Deep dive as some of the sites provide incredible sea life encounters if we go deeper than 18m. If you are Open Water certified only, you must do your Adventure Deep dive or SSI Advanced Adventure Course on board.

Similarly to participate in night dives, you must have a minimum of an Adventure Night dive previously completed or you may do this on board with us. If you would prefer to not do this then you may skip these dives, no alternative dives to make up for missed night dive/s will be offered.

Why do we require this? Simply put, the variation of dive sites in Komodo is huge – famous sites such as Batu Bolong and Castle Rock require a deeper dive due to the topography and entry and exit points and night dives allow us to show you a fantastic new diving perspective.

Benefits to Beginner Divers: You would be under the close supervision of an instructor for your first immersions in Komodo – what a great benefit for becoming a great Advanced /Adventure Diver.

Benefits to Advanced Divers: Our groups are evenly matched in maximum depth limits so that we do not limit our previously certified advanced+ customers on board.

The courses that are available:

Advanced Adventurer Course – Deep Dive, Night Dive, Navigation, Fish ID & Waves, Tides & Currents adventure dives.

4,000,000 IDR per SSI certification of Advanced Adventurer including agency certification fee.

Individual Adventure Dives – Deep Dive (mandatory) &/or Night Dive (mandatory unless you want to skip the night dive – no additional day dive will be offered) Navigation, Perfect Buoyancy & Waves, Tides & Currents adventure dives.

800,000 IDR per Adventure Dive including log book stamp and certificate of completion.

If you have not dived for over a year then a Scuba Refresh is included in the Liveaboard Price.

If you are hoping to do the Advanced Adventurer course/Adventure Dives with us, we will need to see proof of your Open Water Certificate.

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